There are still good Samaritans

To the editor:

I would personally like to thank a young man whose name I don’t even know.

My son and I were shoveling our drive way which is very big because all I wanted to do was to make it to see my dad, who we do not know how much longer he has to live. I thought to myself this is going to take us hours because I did not realize how much snow had fallen.

Then, all of a sudden, a young man appeared on a John Deere tractor and said it wouldn’t be right if he didn’t shovel a path for me. I started crying and told him he was an angel because all I wanted to do was make it to Toronto to see my dad, who is very sick.

So for all of you that doubt that there is any good left in this world with everything that is going on, this proves there are still good people. And, thank you again to the man on the John Deere tractor who lives across from Pytash’s.

Vicki Kelley