Toronto passes emergency ordinance

TORONTO – An emergency ordinance was passed during Monday night’s City Council meeting.

Council passed a first, second and third reading, suspending rules, on an ordinance “authorizing the city through the office of the mayor to enter into agreement with Ohio, development services agency, office of community development services for the local administration of a housing revolving loan fund and declaring an emergency.”

“Every three years an agreement has to be entered into with the city,” council member Dorothy Blaner explained. “This needed to be passed tonight so that Mayor John Geddis can move forward.”

Geddis then addressed council on two issues, including a house on north Fifth Street and the old Lincoln School building.

“The insurance company is now handling the situation with the house on north Fifth Street,” he said, added that a fire destroyed the house previously. “The house will eventually be demolished, however, we can’t do anything with it until the state fire marshal and insurance company finish their investigations.”

He then noted Lincoln School should be demolished soon.

“I spoke with Bob Petras of Lamplight Communities just last week and they are moving forward with the demolition of the current building,” he stated. “Eventually an assisted living home will sit on that property. We haven’t seen any rendering of the building yet but we are hoping that project starts soon.”

Geddis also briefed council on the city’s future water line project.

“The water line project will include a $1.9 million line replacement and upgrades to the distribution center,” he said. “We will be bidding out the project in the next couple of months. We are still currently working on funding as well. We have received money so far from the ARC, Ohio Public Works Commission and the Ohio EPA.

“We will also hold a second hearing soon for the community development block grant,” he noted.

In other business:

Council voted no hearing is necessary for legislative authority regarding Margaret’s Cafe, Heartly Co. and Coen Co.

Geddis said many water line breaks have occurred recently. “Fortunately the snow has melted, so hopefully that will prevent more water breaks from happening,” he said.

Blaner announced a finance committee meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 4.

Geddis noted park equipment at the city’s various parks will need to be repaired and/or replaced this year.