Dillonvale discusses improvements to park

DILLONVALE – Improvements proposed for the Night Riders Memorial Park as well as possible funding were eyed during a recent meeting of Village Council.

Council decided to seek funds for another hexagon table for the park, and Clerk-Treasurer Danene Hutkay is to prepare the grant application, which is to be submitted to the JB Green Team by March 4.

It was noted the Jefferson County Recreation Program operated through the county commissioners’ office will be coming up soon.

Council decided the village’s proposed project will be a sidewalk to the gazebo at the park. Councilwoman Trisha Painter and Hutkay will seek quotations for the work.

In another matter related to recreation, officials received a request from coach Jerry Miller for the use of the Panepucci Field, beginning in March, weather permitting, with games to follow in April. Council members said they had no objection if the Pony League approves, so Miller is to contact Pony League officials.

A motion was approved to accept a quotation of $1,450 from J. Schultz Excavating to repair a plumbing problem downstairs in the municipal building. An earlier quote received from another company was for $4,500.

By a 4-2 vote, council rejected a motion to accept a bid received Feb. 6 for purchase of a Caterpillar 420D backhoe. Some other bids were received later, but technically, the only bid that could have been accepted was the one opened Feb. 6.

Adopted under suspension of rules were two ordinances – one to employ Kristin M. Zimmerman as recreation director, and the other to employ Winona Grimm as a temporary, part-time cleaning person.

Council gave approval to let the certificate of deposit with Belmont Savings Bank renew automatically March 2 at 0.8 percent for one year. Council members said no other bank had better rates at the time.

Village officials received letters from the village’s insurance company about a Jan. 7, 2013, incident, noting that an investigation didn’t find liability on behalf of the village. As a result, the property damage claim will not be considered.

Councilwoman Christine Lollathin was asked to call AEP to check on a streetlight at the corner of Fair and Smithfield streets.

It was learned from the Jefferson County Regional Planning Commission that a house on Liberty Street is expected to be torn down this spring. Officials were informed at the last meeting the deed had not been cleared as yet.