Gasoline prices are ridiculous

To the editor:

How much longer are we going to put up with getting ripped off?

I do a little traveling to see my children in Northern Virginia. I just recently came back from the Washington, D.C., area and paid $3.47 a gallon for gas. On Tuesday in Imperial, Pa., I paid $3.50 for gas. Here in the Steubenville and Wintersville area it’s $3.99.

Please, please, explain this to me. We have lost our mills and are scrambling to keep jobs, and the oil companies are ripping us off. Does it cost 50 cents or 60 cents more to deliver to our area? Please let these people know we’ve had enough. If I’m that low on gas I’ll put a couple dollars in to get me to Cadiz, West Virginia or Pennsylvania to fill up there.

The only way to tell them we won’t stand for it is hit them in their pocketbooks, they don’t have any trouble trying to steal from ours.

Greg Byers