Buena Vista meeting slated

To the editor:

This letter is to inform the Buena Vista residents who are affected by the 2-inch water line that feeds 25 or 30 homes at the very end of the boulevard.

There will be a utility committee meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday in council chambers that will be open to the public. The residents will have the opportunity to plead their case to the committee to ask members to find a solution to the water pressure problems that have existed for many years. It will be your opportunity to convince the committee to rescind the vote that took place on the Aug. 13, when council members voted 5-2 to not accept a grant that was awarded in order to alleviate the problem, along with other West End water issues.

I?feel that the meeting was not publicized, even though it was open to the public, so you were not given the chance to attend and state your case. The committee is giving you a second chance to be heard. Please make time to attend this meeting. Collectively, you will have 30 minutes to address the committee, or you can just attend as an interested party.

Toni Dear