Special memories of Cove School

To the editor:

Many of us reserve a section of memory for our grade school years, perhaps because of the teachers, relationships and discoveries we encountered. A large part of what we are came from them.

About this time of year, I got a queasy feeling in my stomach as summer freedoms were about to be exchanged for nine months of school; however, in the fall of 1960, I soon found that Cove School offered other freedoms. I thank Mary Stevens, my first-grade teacher, for getting me off on the right foot after a terrible first day. Virginia Thomas taught second grade and Dorothy Evans third grade. Our fourth-grade teachers, Forrestine Wiegmann and Hester Thomas, were in the original part of the school. From classroom windows I watched the ladle cars of Weirton Steel’s cinder pot express clang down the tracks like a train of cups and saucers.

In between those rooms was the principal, Carma Simmons. Once, I was ordered to her office for disciplinary action, but she was very busy, so I sat and watched her work. I can still hear her concerned voice emanate from our classroom speaker. From the west wing windows, I watched snow showers obliterate Marland Heights hill, and soon reach the school window, then the hill soon reappeared. Our fifth-grade teacher was Freda Garrison, the nicest lady in the world. The nicest man in the world was Mr. Hill, the janitor. I enjoyed taking my empty lunch sack to the furnace room, where he let me toss it into the fire. In sixth grade, my teachers were friendly, but there was silence when Janet Gress pulled her wooden paddle out of the closet, and Joan Buchanan assigned me a 2,000-word theme on “something” when I said “something.” I also had Ava Hall for science, Mary Alice Dayoub for language arts and Mrs. Hausman, who taught “new math.”

I miss crossing Cove Road to play softball and trips up Weir Avenue to play dodge ball at the Dr. Anthony Major Gymnasium. Going home, the bus took us up through the smoke and mills with reliable Chuck Dennison at the wheel. I thank all the above, and those who shared Aug. 10 at the Cove School commemorative marker unveiling, including Goldie and Melanie Baly, Jolene and Paul Zuros, Andrea Anderson, Pam Makricosta, Kim Salter, Mary and Dave Zwierzchowski, Bob and Lea Shirer, Shirley and Dave Whanger, Joe Stankiewicz, Linda Stankiewicz, Susan O’Neill, Tim Roberts, Victor Greco, John Sorrenti, Danny and Lisa Greathouse, Jeff Davis, Bev and Mike Swartzmiller, Arden Ford, Deb Witkowski, Chuck Wright, Carole Bernadino, Jim Piccirillo, Lori Price, Rich Loeffler, John Newbrough, Despina Melonas, Judi Case, Debbie Daugherty, Rick and Tina Smith, Herman Capito, Art Lastoria, Lillian Zuros, Justin Brown, Bonnie Burskey and many others.

Thanks to The Weirton Daily Times, city of Weirton and sponsors, including the Hancock County commissioners, Hancock County Savings Bank, Sophia Pipinos Charitable Trust, Top of West Virginia Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center.

Dennis Jones

President, Weirton

Area Museum and

Cultural Center