Answers about Knox Township road oiling

To the editor:

In response to Chuck Wilson’s questions about the road oiling in Knox Township, the material used is an emulsion that is designed to stabilize the road base and, second, as a dust control. Cooler and damp roads are better at allowing the emulsion to soak in and spread – hot sunny days dry the material too quickly (“Questions about oiling roads,” Oct. 13.)

The Knox Township Board of Trustees votes each year on the money to allot for the emulsion and the contractor to apply it. The board decided on a 7-foot spreading bar to get the most distance for the money. The emulsion is figured in a square foot formula.

Trustee Donnie Elder took on this task for this year and by doing so had all communications with the contractor. Elder got the pricing, ordered the emulsion and scheduled the application.

Trustee Don Miller was at work the day the emulsion was applied and was not aware of when or what roads were done until late in the evening. Road Supervisor Johnny Sousa only did what he was told by the trustees involved that day.

Elder needs to take responsibility for his actions and not point fingers at others just because of those who back his campaign for re-election.

Residents of Knox Township need to know that all business in the township is by a majority vote and recorded in the minutes of our meetings. I urge residents to attend the meetings to see what goes on and not listen to the rumors that spread at election time.

The writer also failed to mention that the delay in timing of the oiling was due to major road repair to the road he resides on.

Thanks for your support.

Donald Miller

Know Township trustee