Bethany, Weir cases among 29 indictments

WELLSBURG – A Weirton man charged with the fatal shooting of a Weirton man and a Wheeling woman charged with embezzling from Bethany College were among 29 indicted by a Brooke County grand jury Monday.

Adam Michael Barnhart, 18, of Weirton, was indicted for murder in connection with the shooting death of Frank Tulock on Sept. 18 near Hudson Avenue and Orchard Street.

According to Weirton Police reports, the 36-year-old Tulock received multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene, apparently after attempting to intervene in a domestic dispute involving Barnhart.

Also indicted was Shelly Lee Lough, 46, of Wheeling, indicted on counts of embezzlement and falsifying accounts for allegedly taking more than $500,000 in cash while working as clerk at a cash window at Bethany College and falsifying accounting records to hide the theft.

According to court records, Lough told a Brooke County sheriff’s deputy she used the cash to pay two individuals who threatened to give sexually explicit photos of her to her husband if she didn’t pay them.

The sheriff’s department is investigating the reported extortion scheme.

Also indicted was Brian Wayne DeVore, 35, of Mineral Wells, W.Va., for two counts of malicious assault and one count each of child abuse resulting in injury and domestic battery.

Filed by the Brooke County Sheriff’s Department, the charges are in connection with a July 28 incident in which DeVore allegedly struck three family members at a Follansbee home.

Others indicted were:

Nicholas Varlas, 34, of 508 Locust Ave., Weirton, for second-degree sexual assault and attempted first-degree sexual abuse for the alleged assault of a woman in August 2012.

Jennifer A. Danielson, 37, of 1774 Eldersville Road, Follansbee, for delivering heroin, conspiring to deliver it and child neglect creating risk of injury for allegedly conducting a drug deal with her child in the vehicle.

Levi Thomas, 28, of 819 Terika Drive, Follansbee, for conspiring with Danielson to deliver heroin.

Tawnya Methany, 29, of 3630 Lindberg Way, Weirton, for conspiring to deliver heroin and child neglect creating risk of injury for allegedly conducting a drug deal while a child in her care was in her vehicle.

Seth Ryan Parr, 27, of 180 Pebble Lane, Colliers, for burglary.

Charles Strope, 63, of RR 2, Colliers, for wanton endangerment for allegedly pointing his rifle at another person.

Randy Treherne, 36, of 8 Walnut St., Wellsburg, for prohibited possession of a firearm because he was convicted of a felony.

Robert L. Baxter, 33, of 3703 Orchard St., for burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a child for allegedly entering without breaking into a Weirton home to give tobacco to a child under 18.

Lorenzo Herbert, 24, of Chicago for possesion of heroin with intent to deliver, transporting it into the state with intent to deliver and conspiring to deliver it.

Rory D. Spells, 25, of Chicago for separate counts of aiding and abetting Herbert in possessing heroin with intent to deliver, transporting it and conspiring to deliver it.

Shaleen Johnson, 25, of Wellsburg for delivering alprazolam and oxycodone, both controlled substances, and conspiring to deliver alprazolam.

Bryan M. Suppa, 24, of Follansbee for two counts of delivering marijuana.

James Albert Stevens III, 26, of 219 Walter Ave., Follansbee, for transferring stolen property and entering a building other than a dwelling, the latter for allegedly stealing from a Wellsburg business on Sept. 10.

Joseph Stewart, 33, of 3534 Elm St., Weirton, for burglary and conspiring.

Damian Michael, 20, of Wellsburg, and Kevin S. Jackson II, 20, of 111 Randall Ave., Follansbee, each for entering without breaking, grand larceny and conspiring.

Alisha N. Pinter, 22, of 4037 Washington St., Weirton, for two counts of fraudulent use of a debit card.

Jacob T. Nale, 29, of 22 Pontiac Road, Wellsburg, for grand larceny and entering without breaking.

Lindsey Siudak, 20, of 216 May Road, Follansbee, for five counts of shoplifting.

Eric W. Waugh, 26, of 908 Clifton St., Follansbee, for burglary and breaking and entering.

Cedric McAllister, 20, of 377 A Northview Road, Wellsburg, for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and transporting it into the state.

Thomas A. Keith, 21, of 132 Bonnie Prince Drive, Follansbee, for fleeing from an officer while driving under the influence.

Shawn R. Owings, 22, 32, of 78 Decca Lane, Colliers, for entering without breaking into a dwelling for allegedly entering a Follansbee man’s home without his permission. Follansbee Police said Owings pushed the man into a car and cabinet.

Josh Webster, 29, of RD 3, Wellsburg, for grand larceny, conspiring and receiving and aiding in the concealing of stolen property for stealing more than $1,000 in copper wire from a phone line.

The theft left many in Brooke County, including the emergency 911 center, without land line phone service for several hours on Oct. 10.

Andre Hamlin, 32, of 1320 Wellsley Ave., Steubenville, and William McGee, 34, of 130 Shirley Circle, Steubenville, both for delivering heroin, transporting it into the state and conspiring.