November can’t come soon enough

To the editor:

Here’s a review of the valley amigos’ hero, some of the quotes from the most feared man in Lilliput. “I didn’t set a red line in Syria.” “We’ll create shovel-ready jobs.” “I will cut the deficit in half and close Guantanamo Bay.” “I didn’t know about NSA spying.” “You didn’t build that.” “I never said, ‘If you like your plan you can keep it.'” “We don’t know the IRS was targeting conservative groups.” “The private sector is doing fine.” “Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video.” “I had no idea about the AP phone tapping.” “I’ll have the most transparent administration in history.” “Bill Ayers was just a guy in my neighborhood, and the Rev. (Jeremiah) Wright is an America-loving preacher of God.” The best one is, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.” This bum should resign and let Biden take over. At least he’ll make us laugh. Amigos, feel free to list President Barack Obama’s accomplishments.

Obuma states “I don’t need the Constitution or Congress, I have a phone and pen.” And for the amigos who’ll argue Bush used more executive orders – I hope they can comprehend this – it’s not the amount but the content of the executive order. It’s one thing to free a turkey on Thanksgiving, and another thing for a turkey freeing illegal aliens and changing laws without Congress. Jimmy Carter is smiling somewhere knowing he’s not the worst president any longer. What truly terrifies me is not Obama, but the loons who elected him.

November can’t come soon enough. Speaker Harry Reid needs a psychological workup. The man, if he can be called one, has no shame and no facts. Remember this one: “I have evidence Mitt Romney cheated on his taxes.” His new one: “All these horror stories about Obumacare are lies.” Yet this jerk waived his staff from having Obamacare. Why Reid? You think some of those lies are true? Talk about a jerk. If we really wanted Obamacare we wouldn’t need a law to make us buy it.

Amigos, we’re still waiting for you to name a Democrat that’s running on Obamacare. Why are senators too busy to greet the holy one when he arrives in their state? They claim schedule conflicts. They don’t want to be associated with the loser (38 percent approval rating, 54 percent disapproval rating.)

Watch out Putin, John Kerry’s over there. Kerry will bore you to death with his global warming warning. He says it’s the same threat as Iran having a nuke. Where does Obama come up with these people?

The unholy trinity – Obama, Reid, Nancy “Pinocchio” Pelosi. Obama and Hillary Clinton’s god – Saul Alinsky.

Shaun Arthurs wrote on March 2 “religious rights don’t trump human rights.” Why do you think the Founding Fathers made religious freedom the first of five rights in the First Amendment? Please quote where the Constitution guarantees human rights.

Barry Bardone