Looking for another way

To the editor:

Just when I thought I could take anything life had to dish out, bam, a heart attack.

Although it wasn’t a major event, it brought weakness and pain.

There are many things in this world that take a normal lifestyle to task, but starving children, people in poverty, being homeless and veterans dying due to botched paperwork should not be grouped as natural causes.

I used to believe what title we carry was our strength and something to be proud of. It might be Democrat, Republican, liberal or conservative.

We have all found a weakness in what we stand for because bitterness has taken over the stance. How proud are we when people suffer? Should we pat ourselves on the back for words that destroy?

This is America. What can we do with our pride to change it if we don’t have respect for others?

Yes, I have concerns. Will my neighbor feel downtrodden because she looks for a job at 60 years of age to buy food and pay bills?

Will the man who had worked for years feel embarrassed to sign up for welfare?

All of the letters in the world won’t feed children, fight poverty or house the homeless. Will the anger change the way we live? Will the name calling and insults make our world a better place? Absolutely not.

This is our country. Terrible words back and forth, never taking the time to still the lips and listen.

This is the pride of holding the title of Democrat or Republican. America has had a heart attack in the way its people handle every situation.

This is a land that will allow the destruction of unborn babies, great disregard for the elderly and the indifference to the faithful followers of our Lord.

Can terribly bitter words mend this? Does insolence make us a civilized people?

Will the lives of veterans or their families become easier as they wait for a medical appointment, or will they find more greed from those who aren’t doing their jobs?

How are things like this passed over so readily? Are there two major political parties that should be more vigilant?

In the pride of our words and titles have we lost any form of human respect? Can harsh words be put to better use in humanitarian deeds?

Have I been insulted today and take it to heart? No, my heart won’t take any extras now.

We’re all spent a lifetime dealing with bullies who try to offend people with their words and overgrown pride, just for the thrill of of it.

Is there another way to voice our views?

Carol Hauber

Piney Fork