There’s too much hate

To the editor:

As I read the letters to the editor on Sunday morning I cannot bring myself to believe that there is so much hate out there. So much of the hate mail is right out of the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity playbooks. It is scary to think that so many people feed at that trough. These people do not offer a diverse opinion or constructive criticism. Their spiels are meant to inflame their following, rather than use intelligent thought to resolve the multitude of problems that we face today.

This is why the Israeli and the Arab dispute has gone on for several thousand years – the hate is so ingrained that nothing can be done to resolve their differences and, thus, you have constant conflict and killing.

The complex problems of today need intelligent thought.

No one man can solve this multitude of problems. President Bush found out when he tried nation building in the Middle East.

President Barack Obama has had a full plate from day one and has not had the cooperation of the Congress in trying to resolve some of these complex issues.

What concerns me most with the attitude of Congress is its totally negative stance and noncooperation. It is not the president who suffers, but rather the nation, as there is no productivity, just hatred of the president and not because of party differences but outright hate.

These people are in the Congress to do the peoples’ business, and they are failing as they are too busy trying to scuttle every bit of legislation proposed by the administration and purely for the wrong reasons.

We need men in Congress, not a group of single-purpose quacks who don’t even realize why they are there .

Hate is not the answer to our problems, but a togetherness working toward the betterment of our country.

You see what hate has done to the Middle East. Take a lesson – it is not good.

Guy Indovina